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    Summer Tryouts

    Registration is open!

    Summer Skill Sessions

    For grades 6-12

    Registration is open!

    Middle School Madness

    Jun 20-Jul 14 - For grades 5-8

    Registration is open!

    Platform Elite Volleyball Club

    Our mission is to create a platform of exposure for college scholarship opportunities, athletic development, and  personal growth for each player. We prepare the athlete and teams  by building self esteem via competition success, constructive  feedback, and positive coaching role models.

    Our unified vision is to create an environment that will enrich the  players, coaches, and parents by incorporating core values such  as work ethic, persistence, discipline, determination, competition,  goal setting, and accountability. This vision will create winning  players who will positively contribute to multiple communities throughout their lives.

    Would you like to speak with someone further about our volleyball programs?  Please fill out this form and one of our staff members will be in touch with you.

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