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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are several questions we often receive from Platform Elite families and prospective players.  

Tryout FAQ's

Do I have to go to both tryouts?
No. Just one is fine if you are confident in your abilities. Typically, the more the coaches see you, the better chance you have of making an impression. And the more you make an impression the better chance you have of getting selected for a team. Our coaches have been conducting tryouts for years, it is easy to pick the top athletes (estimate 20%) and it is easy to dismiss the bottom 20%. The real skill lies in picking the right 60% in the middle. If you are in the 60% category you should come to both tryout dates.

When will I know if I made the club and which team I am on?
Each player will be notified immediately upon being selected. In addition, we will post each team’s roster on our web site.

Why should I choose Platform if I can't make the top or National team?
Choosing a club shouldn't be based on whether you make the best team in the club. Instead, a smart decision will consider the quality and integrity of the organization, the entire coaching staff, the trainers, and your role on a team. Our approach can best be described as "no second teams" when it comes to training and attention. It means that the approach to training every individual and team is the same, travel team or non-travel team, a 13 year old or an 18 year old.
We expect a high degree of commitment from every player, coach, and trainer in the club, as well as from our business staff. We will make every effort to fulfill our commitments to each member.


What is the Commitment Deadline?
Offer Period for 14u and younger. I understand that if I try out for a 14u or younger club team that I have until 4 PM on the Wednesday following the first Sunday in November to make my final commitment to a club.  The club will have to hold that position available for me, once the offer is made until the above named deadlines.
Offer Period for 15u and older. I understand that if I try out for a 15u or older club team that I have until 4 PM on the Wednesday following the State of Iowa Girls High School Volleyball Tournament to make my final commitment to a club.  The club will have to hold that position available for me, once the offer is made until the above named deadlines.

Do I have to pay for every tryout I go to?
No, just pay once and you can attend all or one of the tryouts for your age level. Pre-Registration: $32 (club director needs to receive registration at least two days prior to tryout date). Registration at the door: $40.

How many teams will you have in the club and in each age group?
It all depends on how many girls try out. Last year we had teams at age levels 11u, 12u, 13u, 14u, 15u, 16u, 17u, and 18u. We expect to continue with those teams this year. However, this will be determined by the number of players that come to tryouts.

How many players will be on each team?
We try to keep the teams in the 9-11 player range.

How many girls tried out last year?
We had a total of about 230 girls at our tryouts last season.

How many made teams?
We had 125 players in the club last year.

Why did you cut so many?
We are always limited by the number of qualified coaches we can attract as well as court space (for practice). Without coaches, we couldn’t have teams, and without the teams, we couldn’t bring in as many players as we would like.

When will coaches' names be released for each team?
Our coaches will be updated on our Staff page when they are finalized.  There are a lot of factors that go into which coach will coach which team.  There are rules for high school coaches regarding coaching their players during club season that we need to adhere to.  Because of those rules for Iowa and Illinois high schools, oftentimes we can't announce who is coaching a certain team until we know which players are on that team.

I am already a Platform Elite player from last season; do I need to try out again?
Yes. Though we know you pretty well, we don’t know who else will be trying out in your age group. Like everyone else, you need to wait for the notification upon being selected.

Will my Platform Elite team from last year be substantially the same as this year’s?
Maybe, but probably not. It all depends on how many kids in each age group are at tryouts and which team they make.

What do I need to bring with me to tryouts?
It is important to come to our tryouts with a passion to learn the sport of volleyball and the spirit of having fun. We want all players that tryout for Platform Elite to have a great time and to show us their best effort.
It is always helpful if you wear a t-shirt with your last name on the back.

Financial FAQ's

Platform Elite costs a lot more than my daughter's school club team.  What more do you provide than those teams?
Platform Elite provides numerous practice opportunities and well qualified coaches.  We have lead coaches responsible for organizing and conducting training sessions as well as "coaching the coaches" to develop our entire coaching staff.  This will provide a common way of training skills that will allow for easy growth year after year.  Also, multiple teams practicing in the gym at one time provides a competitive training environment.

Are there fundraising opportunities?
We offer fundraising opportunities to bring the out-of-pocket cost down. Last year we had some players have almost half of their dues paid for through fundraising! The fundraisers we have used are Butter Braids, Coupon Books, Cookie Dough, Yankee Candle sales, etc... We are open to all new ideas for fundraising. If you have fundraising ideas PLEASE e-mail them to!

Practice & Tournament FAQ's

Where and when is the Meet the Coaches Night?
This meeting is MANDATORY for all players and at least one parent or guardian. We are still working on the specifics and will announce this at a later date.

How often will I practice and how long is the club season?
Each team will have at least three to five hours of practice per week beginning in December and running through mid-April. Some teams may have longer practices once or twice a week and other teams may have shorter practices two to three times a week. This will depend on what works for your team and coaches. If your team qualifies for USA Nationals, your team will practice through mid to late June. We will have concurrent practices on multiple courts to improve instruction with multiple coaches and allow for scrimmaging and club cohesiveness.

*If a team decides to attend an additional national qualifier or tournament the entry fee and expenses will split between the number of players and added to each player’s dues.

**Please note that the President’s Day Classic and all national qualifiers are three day events. Please understand that your daughter will miss one day of school in order to attend these events.

When is the Iowa Regional Tournament?
Iowa Regionals is our best way to qualify for USAV Nationals so we expect every player to be able to be there.  This is around Spring Break time so plan your vacations accordingly.

16u, 17u, & 18u Qualifying Divisions: March 16-17, 2019 in Des Moines area

12u, 13u, 14u, & 15u Qualifying Divisions: March 30-31, 2019 in Des Moines

16u, 17u, & 18u Non-Qualifying Divisions: March 30-31, 2019 in Des Moines 

12u, 13u, 14u, & 15u Non-Qualifying Divisions: April 13-14, 2019 in Des Moines area

There will be no spectator admission fees for Regionals this season.

Do the players travel with the coaches or their parents?
Parents are responsible for all travel expenses and getting their daughter to and from the tournaments. We, of course, will help out if the player needs a ride or needs to stay with another player if it’s an overnight trip.

I want to play volleyball in college, how can Platform Elite help me get recruited?
Platform Elite is entering it’s fourteenth season and has helped place 110 student-athletes! Our alumni worked very hard both on and off the volleyball court to achieve their ultimate goal of playing volleyball in college. We will do our due diligence in networking with college coaches to help find a good fit for you. We will give you the opportunity to create a video that features your individual skills as well as game footage. This video can be distributed by mail, email, or even You Tube to college coaches. However, the best way to for a college coach to see you in action is on the court at a tournament. College coaches heavily attend the President’s Day Classic, Power League, and all national qualifiers.  Find more information on our recruiting services from our main menu on this website.

Any further questions?
Please e-mail or call Melissa Kurth at or 563-505-8646.